Driving Lessons


Driving Lesson - Automatic & Manual

Each driving lesson is an hour long and we offer pick up and drop off from your preferred location. Our driving lessons are tailored to suit your learning ability with our step by step teaching. If you have a lot or no experience, we will tailor our teaching accordingly to make sure you get the most out of each lesson you take from us.

If you are not sure how many lessons you may need, you can always take one lesson and our qualified instructors will guide you on how many lessons you may need. It could be that you may need some more practice before your driving test.


Mock Test

A Mock Test is a very good way to find out if you are ready to sit your Restricted or Full licence test. The Mock Test will be conducted on similar testing routes of your preferred AA Centre (see our areas covered). At the end of the hour long Mock Test, you will be given a full overview of what you need to improve on and we will advice you if you more practice or if you are ready for your test. This is a very popular service we offer as it gives you the ability sit your test with confidence.


Theory Test

Get ready for your theory test with our one week road code course. During the course we will answer any questions you may have and keep track of your progress.

In just one week we will go through the complete Road Code book and the Road Code Book questions. We will also take you through a number of practice questions. Towards the end of your course, we will take you take you through a simulated online test similar to that of the AA Centre.

For more info in this course click here.